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Finally someone has written a Boxing eBook that is designed for Fitness Professionals!! Discover how to get your clients boxing like a pro without taking a punch .

If you want to create an amazing Boxing For Fitness atmosphere at your Bootcamp, turn your clients into raving fans
AND get them Fighting fit – then READ on.

You know just as well as I do, the success of your fitness business hinges on your ability to create amazing experiences – the kind that clients spread to their entire network and boast to their friends that they trained like a Boxing Pro.

Your competency as a personal trainer depends on your ability to design unique, effective workout routines for your clients that provide an exceptional experience they just don’t get anywhere else.

I’m going to reveal to you how you can easily start creating and growing your boxing sessions in no time and give you immediate access to a great resource for Trainers to teach the basics of boxing to your clients and introduce new and exciting workouts.

You can now have all this information at your fingertips.

Before we go further, let me introduce myself.

Sean McCrory - Author, Boxing Workouts and Bodyweight Workouts & ExercisesI’m Sean McCrory, Founder and Owner of Boxing Workouts and Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises.

I have many years experience as a fitness professional, including as a fitness trainer and with extensive boxing and bodyweight training experience. I’ve logged countless hours of training people of all different fitness levels and I’ve been able to build upon this accumulated knowledge and experience to create this Boxing manual and my very popular Bodyweight Workouts and Exercises eBook. I have used this system to easily and dramatically grow my business to one of the biggest bootcamps in Western Australia, with minimal extra effort.

This is the second eBook in the Bodyweight Workout collection designed by myself (Sean McCrory) and it is based on my own boxing experiences from the age of 13. I grew up in a very large boxing family in Ireland and loved the training aspect of the sport as well as learning boxing combinations, foot work and my favourite, boxing circuits.

Boxing is a sport I'm very passionate about and out of the 15 training sessions I run per week within my own fitness business is the one I love the most.

This eBook encompasses all I have learnt from many boxing coaches, training drills and experiences and converted it into Boxing for Fitness to be used for trainers to deliver to their clients.

Top Five Reasons Why Boxing For Fitness is a Great Workout

Many trends come and go within the fitness industry but boxing for fitness has stood the test of time and continues to grow. Boxing as a sport requires a high level of athletic prowess, strength, speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, endurance, power and many other skills. Boxing For Fitness enables the average person to hone those same skills, all without having to get in the ring.

Top 5

  1. Improve Your Physical Fitness & Health
  2. Improve Your Hand to Eye Coordination
  3. Improve Your Overall Body Strength
  4. Improve Your Stress Levels
  5. Improve Your Confidence

Here are some of the Benefits of this Book for You Bodyweight Workouts & Exercises eBook available now for only $49

  • It is designed for trainers who take Boxing sessions indoor or outdoor:All our workouts only require a small amount of space making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor fitness trainers.
  • It is a library of information in regards to proper boxing technique:With so much information already researched and at your fingertips, you have all the hints and tips to ensure your clients improve their technique in a safe environment.
  • It includes Workouts straight from boxing clubs:Don’t miss out on actual boxing training workouts that are taught exclusively to boxers to improve their fighting fitness – get that additional training to make your Workouts fun!
  • It is an eBook that covers all elements of boxing:From the basics to the complex, this eBook has all the information you would need for boxing workouts.
  • It’s Based on “Old School” boxing with a boxer and pad holder:The old ways are best and the conventional methods make sure that you work out all parts of your body to get an allover workout!
  • It has written, picture and video demonstrations:This is for easy directions to various training workouts – whether you are comfortable with reading text, looking at images for better visual aid or following a step-by-step guide to a better boxing workout.
  • Workouts that will help you grow your overall fitness business:Having a varied workout ensures that you attract more clients for your fitness business.
  • It has a mix ‘n match system:meaning you can pick and choose different workouts from each section giving you endless amount of session ideas. Why follow the same boring fitness regime? Customize your training workout to one that suits your needs. Using our proven mix & match system you can chop and change from the 70 workouts available in this eBook giving you unlimited different 1 hour sessions.
  • Here’s What I’m Giving You Today

    20 Video Combination Punching Workouts

    20 Video Combination Punching WorkoutsAccess To Everything In One Place Instead Of Wasting Hours Online


    Combination punches focus on power and proper technique.

    20 Videos demonstrations of different boxing combinations.

    It will give your clients a feel for what it’s like to throw proper combinations for a full round of boxing. The video demonstrations last roughly 5 seconds and show exactly how to each body part moves during different combinations to ensure safety and perfect technique.

    15 Speed Written Speed Boxing Workouts

    15 Written Speed Boxing WorkoutsEasy To Understand And Set Up Workouts


    ✓ 2 or 3 minute workouts will really get the heart pumping and make those arms feel like lead.

    ✓ Workouts to improve that overall cardiovascular fitness level.

    These workouts are designed to improve your clients speed and agility and play a big part in a Pro Boxers training regime. With your boxer they will play a big part in improving their cardiovascular fitness and build endurance in the upper body.

    10 Game sessions

    15 Written Boxing Circuit Workouts

    Easy To Understand And Set Up Workouts


    ✓ Circuits are an excellent way to bring more variety into your workouts.

    ✓ They are more than just boxing they involve other bodyweight exercises like push ups, core work and running etc.

    Boxing workouts are tough but a boxing workout with bodyweight exercises thrown in will add a whole new dimension to your session. Improve that all overall body strength and cardiovascular fitness while boxing. Does life get any better?

    20 Video Boxing Abdominal/Core Workouts

    5 Complete Workouts valued at $9

    Access To Everything In One Place Instead Of Wasting Hours Online


    ✓ 20 Ab/Core workouts to give your clients boxer hard abs.

    ✓ All 20 involve your boxers wearing their gloves and punching as part of the workout.

    Undertaking abdominal work can be tough at the best of times but include punching to that ab work and you've got one tough core workout.

    Proper Boxing Technique Demonstrations

    5 Complete Workouts valued at $9

    Both Written and Video Demonstrations

    It has an 8 page Technique section focusing on.

    1. Boxing Stance
    2. Foot Pivoting and Hip Rotation
    3. Punching (Jab/ Cross/ Hooks/ Uppercuts)
    4. Pad Holding
    5. Hand Wraps

    6. Regardless of your boxing experience you will find excellent hints and tips to help improve your technique. Correct technique will reduce the chances of injury and improve your efficiency, performance and effectiveness.

Don’t just believe me, here is what some of the top market leaders in the fitness industry have to say about the Boxing Bodyweight Workouts:

Georgette Pann, The Fitness Bootcamp Club""I thought Sean’s first eBook was excellent but this has blown me away. Perfect resource for any Trainer looking for ideas to improve their boxing workouts.” - Georgette Pann

Leon Melnicenko, Owner of Unique Bootcamp Workouts"Boxing has to be one of the best ways to de-stress & blow off steam. Adding a boxing element to your workouts not only gives your clients the variety they crave, but they’re also learning a new skill & how to defend themselves in a fun and exciting way. Sean’s new manual is jam packed with great ideas that can be mixed and matched to form thousands of memorable workouts that I think your clients will love… Nice work Sean."- Leon Melnicenko

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P.S - Don’t forget - What do all the successful fitness businesses have in common?

They keep their clients guessing with fresh, exciting fitness workouts and they build loyal tribes through focussed team building and genuine camaraderie. A boxing workout will do just that and more. People love telling their friends they trained on the same level as a professional athlete and what you have here with my Boxing Workout manual will do just that.

P.P.S Finally: Now you can avoid wasted time searching the net for new boxing ideas plus hints and tips on improving technique You're about to gain instant access to endless boxing sessions, workouts and circuits straight from boxing gyms. Your boxers will love it…..I guarantee it!

P.P.S: Just to recap, here's everything you get;

  • 20 Video Punching Combination Workouts
  • 15 Written Speed Boxing Workouts
  • 15 Written Boxing Circuit Workouts
  • 20 Ab/Core Boxing Workouts
  • 8 Pages of Written & Video Demonstrations on Proper Boxing Techniques

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